Thursday, February 02, 2012

20 Years Old!

Welp. Today was the big 20. I can no longer say I am in my teens. I'm not gonna lie though, 20 doesnt feel much different than 19.
Today was a good day. I pouted a little bit this last week about spending the day away from my twin, but all in all, it looks like I survived. I knew I would, Im still just going through the motions. I woke up early, got ready for my day- I even put on make-up!!!, went to breakfast with Angie and baby Oliver. Love them! Then it was lunch with Amanda and cupcake making. I Skyped with my twin a bit and then headed to Maggies for dinner. It was a fun filled, food filled birthday and I am grateful for everyone who made it such a nice day for me.

Miss Amanda Mocco and I at 5 guys for lunch.

Photo collage From Amanda as a birthday present. Thanks friend!

Seth and I Skyping. We were supposed to both have a cupcake... but Seth slacked on his end resulting in me being the only one holding one. Also, I didnt have a candle, I was trying to use a toothpick...

What d'ya think? Do I look 20?

1 comment: said...

yay birthday!
I also had 5 guys for my 20th birthday...weird...