Sunday, January 29, 2012


Another week through the snow. Another week watching MadMen and snuggling with my ever sweet kitty and my even sweeter Husband. Another week with lit candles and hot tea. Another week driving to and from work, getting groceries and walking around the mall. Another week shoveling the walkway and getting the mail. It's just another week up here in New York. Been enjoying the simple time at home. I got my hair trimmed and we bought some new couches! The couches were a spur of the moment thing. We are having some friends visit next weekend and I was feeling bad that we didn't have very many places to sit at our house so we took the plunge and got an upgrade in our living room. Our living room looks different. My hair does not.

Please excuse the mess. We were arranging stuff around. 
This week I am grateful for these.
February is almost here. Where did January go?

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tracy said...

love it thanks for posting I love seeing whats going on