Saturday, January 18, 2014

Serious slacking

My goodness.
 There was once a time where I was good at keeping up with my good ol blog .  That time is behind me and now (especially now that I don't have my computer anymore and my iPad is what I have  to work with) my posts will be full but most likely farther apart.

Anyway, so I can catch up with those of you who are my few readers, instead of boring you with the silly unimportant stuff, I'll just skim over the holidays for ya!


Thanksgiving was great! The roommates were out of the house for the holiday and my father in law came up to flagstaff for the day so it was just me, Dugan and Craig and it was fantastic! I cooked my very first turkey and it turned out more perfect than I could have imagined. We had everything from appetizers to pumpkin pie. I was so satisfied with the whole day.

Dugans 24th birthday:
I don't have any good pics from his birthday. Shame on me. But just to sum it up, I cooked dinner for everyone- home made garbage plates- burger patties, macaroni, roasted potatoes, and chili all thrown together into one mess of a plate. Dugan would divorce me for this meal. After dinner we took a bunch of friends downtown and dugan got a bunch of drinks paid for. It was a blast, and he turned one year older. Mission accomplished.

Christmas was... More crazy than we had wanted but it was still nice. From the get go I had wanted to stay at home and just relax for the holiday. Dugan and me, pajamas, hot cocoa, presents, and Christmas movies. That's what we had planned. Dugan got called,to drill on Christmas Eve so we had to drive to Phoenix. Oh we'll. we woke up,at Seth and Hillary's apartment, watched some Christmas movies there and then headed to pine. I always feel bad because we can't physically spend equal time with all of our friends and family. 

New Years:
A good handful of friends came up to flagstaff from Phoenix and we all celebrated the new year together. It was a blast!

I know I've been bad about keeping up with my posts. I'm trying the best I can to keep up. I have a few more posts to post but just bare with me here. Ipad is frustrating. 
Peace love and all that good stuff.