Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lets go for a ride!

Took Seth to Phoenix this week for a bit of work. For a boy without a car, he sure has a vastly spread out schedule. Oh, well. Any time together is good time together. I'm sure i'll be driving this boy around my whole life, but I don't mind. I like him.
We dropped in to see Hillary for a short bit while we were in Phoenix and shared a couple of laughs. There are always laughs when we get together! Anyway. We took a couple pictures with Rachel's toy dinosaur and they're awesome.

Pretty outrageously cool, huh?
I'm getting reaaaallly anxious to move into my house in flagstaff and for Dugan to get here! He only has 3 more work days left in his army career. So strange! He said he feels indifferent of the situation. Nonetheless we are both antsy to set up our house in Flagstaff this Friday!!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Stop and Smell the Ocean Air

I was invited to tag along on a quick trip to Irvine, California for a wedding this weekend with a couple friends and I thought "why not?". So, I hopped in the car and took the 8 hour drive to the west coast. I dreaded the drive but successfully made it there and back without dying so, the trip was a good one.
We stayed in an old Silo that was reconstructed into a LaQuinta Hotel. I wish I had taken more photos of it but the one of the outside will have to do. The building was a very neat structure and it was a nice change from your typical hotel. In our spare time, Julia, Rd, Ethan and I took swims in the pool, shopping at Laguna beach, drove around looking at scenery, and of course attending a wedding. It was nice having some alone time with Julia. It feels like a few years since we've had some serious time together.

As a side note; our belongings are being shipped this week from NY to AZ. Ill be meeting our stuff up in Flagstaff in about 2 to 3 weeks at our move-in date. So excited to set up our new home together. Silas will be here about the same time as our stuff so we're nearing the home stretch here, folks. As for now, I am enjoying in my leisure time with family and friends and my book- just the way I like it.