Friday, June 28, 2013

Home In Progress

Recently we moved from 1000W Forest Meadows, an apartment way too small for our large personalities, to 1104W Overland Pass Dr. We LOVE our new home. It is a townhouse located about three miles away from our old place and in a much more secluded area, while still giving us access to all the nearby stores and restaurants. In this new place we have:

a nice spacious backyard for Odin to run around in
a living area AND a dining area
3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms
a garage
Lots of storage space(something our apartment was seriously lacking)
DOZENS of running trails
A laundry room
lots of windows for natural lighting
a doggy door connecting our bedroom to the backyard(AMAZING!)
Some of our favorite things about this place are, of course, the doggy door, the yard, and the fact that the master bed and bath are downstairs and the other two bedrooms are upstairs giving us more of a "living together but separate" feel with our roommates. We have a pretty good family atmosphere in this house but it is nice having our personal space back.

Odin is absolutely loving all the room he has now to run around. All day and night he lets himself in and out through the doggy door and we are constantly playing some form of tug of war or fetch when we go out back with him. The running trails in this area have been a great surprise. We are closer to the Flagstaff Urban Trail System now so there are a lot of paved paths we can take. Our favorite time of day to run is either before 7am or after 7pm because any time between those two hours are too hot for my Husky!

I, personally love my kitchen and just the space in general. I am still trying to get my things where I want them to be and to get my pictures hung but for the most part, there is so much more space here that I am at loss of what to do with it all!

Alright, I will stop talking now and just show some pics of the new house. I will leave out the boring photos like our bathroom decor and the laundry rooms. If you really want to see those things you'll just have to come visit.
 Dugan's gardening area in progress
 Living room from the bottom of the stairs:
 From the top of the stairs:
First half of the bedroom:
 Second Half of the Bedroom:

I also left out pics of the upstairs bedrooms and the bathroom up there. Its pretty standard stuff. Fun, spacious and so much more comfortable!

We are in love with our new place and the new situation we have. It's good to be home.

Now come Visit!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Currently packing everything we own into boxes so we can move three miles down the road. Dugan's been gone at drill for a week and a half so I am double busy. Boxing up things, cleaning, organizing, AND ontop of all of these things, staying consistent with a 4 week bootcamp that Rachel, Andy, and I are doing(3 and a half hrs cardio, strength training on the legs&butt, arms&back, and the abs with a weekly running goal of 15 miles). We're into week two and so far loving it!

So here's a couple photos so you know what is up in the Eckstein household:

 And with all the hard work and packing, this is what little help Ramona is being. Lazy kitty. This is why we call her "meatloaf" because she is just about as useful as a meatloaf sometimes...