Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Currently packing everything we own into boxes so we can move three miles down the road. Dugan's been gone at drill for a week and a half so I am double busy. Boxing up things, cleaning, organizing, AND ontop of all of these things, staying consistent with a 4 week bootcamp that Rachel, Andy, and I are doing(3 and a half hrs cardio, strength training on the legs&butt, arms&back, and the abs with a weekly running goal of 15 miles). We're into week two and so far loving it!

So here's a couple photos so you know what is up in the Eckstein household:

 And with all the hard work and packing, this is what little help Ramona is being. Lazy kitty. This is why we call her "meatloaf" because she is just about as useful as a meatloaf sometimes...

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