Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh, the Little Things

This week was filled to the brim with work. I worked both jobs tuesday through thursday, which landed me with hardly any time to eat. I feel like I've been at Panera bread for the last 6 days... oh wait. I have. The good news is that while Dugan was out at the field, I was keeping busy, and that's always the goal.

I am grateful for very small and random things this week. I feel thankful for my motivation. My motivation to wake up early to go to work, to read chapter books (apparently, not a whole lot of people do that these days) and the push I give myself every Sunday morning to get out of bed and put a dress on for church. I always regret it when I don't.

I'll keep it short by saying, it feels good to have Dugan home again. He makes me laugh, drives to the store when I don't feel like it, makes lunch, and helps out around the house- In his own way:

This is Dugan folding the Laundry...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project, Project

Once and awhile, I have an idea that I don't know how to execute. I'll have a project of mine that I will want to do but dont have the ideas or the skills how. But every so often, I come up with an easier idea and find the means necessary to get it done. 
Growing up, all the kids in my family had a photo album full of our baby pictures. Unfortunately, mine got wet sometime in the last 5 years and a bunch of photos were destroyed from water damage. I salvaged all the ones I could and printed out some newer photos from the last 7 years or so and redid the photo album. I am very pleased with the outcome. Here are just a few of the pages from the album. 

Another idea I had was the answer to a storage question in my bathroom. I hate digging around in the cupboards in the bathroom for nail polish, and searching through my make up bag for the few things I use each day. I needed an easier solution for the things I use more often to be at my reach, and for it not to look tacky. I found some mason jars and tried to use them to their full advantage. I got this idea from a blog I follow called A Beautiful Mess. Does it look tacky?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Sunday has always and probably forever will be my favorite day of the week. Started off with church, usually a peaceful lunch, and lazying around the house for the rest of the day. Neither Dugan or I work on Sundays and we both enjoy lounging around the house together until bed time.
This week has been full of work. Monday, Thursday and Saturday I spent at Panera Bread, and Wednesday, Thursday morning,  and Friday were spent at the Simbro household babysitting a couple of goofy boys. Saturday night, we finished off the week with a fancy dinner at a much too expensive of a restaurant and then snuggled up on the couch and watched Dark Knight.

Dugan is off to the Field starting tomorrow morning until late Friday. No Valentines Day for me this week. I don't care too much about the holiday, but it still would've been nice to cook dinner or whatever. I'll be busy with work and projects around the house. No big deal.

On a happy note, I'm sure word has gotten around, but my official date that I am coming home to Arizona is MAY2. I couldn't have been more giddy to buy my one way plane ticket. I've been feeling very optimistic about this whole Flagstaff living situation.

Well, no new photos were taken this week, so, here's Ramona:

Have a good week, everyone!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bye Bye Dinosaur


We had a free tv we got in July from our friends. It was convenient not having to pay for a television, but this thing is a DINOSAUR. It is very very old. VERY heavy. The picture quality is bad. The sound quality is bad. It's just bad. We have patiently put up with it until now. We figured since there were a bunch of sales on tvs due to the Superbowl, we might as well buy a new one now. So, we did.

In order to get rid of the old one though, we had to drop it off the balcony. It was WAY too heavy (easily 400lbs) to carry down the 3 flights of stairs, so this seemed like the best solution. It isnt worth anything, and its as good as trash, so down it went.

Sorry the video is sideways

Here is our new beauty. 46" of good sound and good picture. Horray for full living room upgrades!!!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Oops- A Day Late

I slacked a little on my "Sunday" update of things I am grateful for because yesterday wasn't my typical Sunday. 

We had the wonderful opportunity of having our friends from Ohio visit us this weekend. Friday morning, I picked them up from the train station, and up until we dropped them off last night, it has been a nonstop party of board games (at least 12 board games were played in the last 3 days), Arcade playing, Laser tagging, pizza eating, cookie baking, fun fun fun! We LOVE having friends here. Especially since they aren't in the military. It is so nice having a different subject to talk about and different people to be around. 

I am so mad that I didn't get any photos of all of us together, but that tells you how busy we were. I forgot to take pictures! But I cooked a few home made meals that were gobbled up, and we have a never ending supply of snacks now thanks to Ross, who bought lots and lots of food for "Milkshake Madness" night.
We were SO tired by the end of this weekend that we started to get a bit loopy. I don't have any photos, but I do have a couple videos of us goofying off while Ross and Dugan went to the store.

This week I am grateful for friends!!! 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

20 Years Old!

Welp. Today was the big 20. I can no longer say I am in my teens. I'm not gonna lie though, 20 doesnt feel much different than 19.
Today was a good day. I pouted a little bit this last week about spending the day away from my twin, but all in all, it looks like I survived. I knew I would, Im still just going through the motions. I woke up early, got ready for my day- I even put on make-up!!!, went to breakfast with Angie and baby Oliver. Love them! Then it was lunch with Amanda and cupcake making. I Skyped with my twin a bit and then headed to Maggies for dinner. It was a fun filled, food filled birthday and I am grateful for everyone who made it such a nice day for me.

Miss Amanda Mocco and I at 5 guys for lunch.

Photo collage From Amanda as a birthday present. Thanks friend!

Seth and I Skyping. We were supposed to both have a cupcake... but Seth slacked on his end resulting in me being the only one holding one. Also, I didnt have a candle, I was trying to use a toothpick...

What d'ya think? Do I look 20?