Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bye Bye Dinosaur


We had a free tv we got in July from our friends. It was convenient not having to pay for a television, but this thing is a DINOSAUR. It is very very old. VERY heavy. The picture quality is bad. The sound quality is bad. It's just bad. We have patiently put up with it until now. We figured since there were a bunch of sales on tvs due to the Superbowl, we might as well buy a new one now. So, we did.

In order to get rid of the old one though, we had to drop it off the balcony. It was WAY too heavy (easily 400lbs) to carry down the 3 flights of stairs, so this seemed like the best solution. It isnt worth anything, and its as good as trash, so down it went.

Sorry the video is sideways

Here is our new beauty. 46" of good sound and good picture. Horray for full living room upgrades!!!

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Seth Scott said...

My first thought was I want to look inside and figure it all out.