Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project, Project

Once and awhile, I have an idea that I don't know how to execute. I'll have a project of mine that I will want to do but dont have the ideas or the skills how. But every so often, I come up with an easier idea and find the means necessary to get it done. 
Growing up, all the kids in my family had a photo album full of our baby pictures. Unfortunately, mine got wet sometime in the last 5 years and a bunch of photos were destroyed from water damage. I salvaged all the ones I could and printed out some newer photos from the last 7 years or so and redid the photo album. I am very pleased with the outcome. Here are just a few of the pages from the album. 

Another idea I had was the answer to a storage question in my bathroom. I hate digging around in the cupboards in the bathroom for nail polish, and searching through my make up bag for the few things I use each day. I needed an easier solution for the things I use more often to be at my reach, and for it not to look tacky. I found some mason jars and tried to use them to their full advantage. I got this idea from a blog I follow called A Beautiful Mess. Does it look tacky?

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Life as a Greenstreet said...

AWWWWWW! I wanna see your book!