Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's Sunday again, and that means I get to blog about something(s) I am grateful for.
I feel exceptionally grateful this week for a number of reasons. Although the weather quit being so lovely, good vibes in everything else has sprung about this week and I'll tell you about a couple of them now. I know I'm only supposed to talk about one thing each week, but I do what I want and I wanna talk about two. I'll try not to bore.

1. My Neighbors
I know this is shocking because I have exclaimed how I feel about my neighbors before, and I usually hate them. They're loud and rude and don't hold the door open for you. The list goes on. But, long story short, Dugan and I were shoveling the walkway yesterday and my normally rude neighbor came down and grabbed a shovel and helped us finish the job. Nice surprise for the week.

2. Elyse
I'm not one to make a ton of friends for the sake of having them. I don't have a heap of buddies up here in New York because I am afraid of losing friends, so I rarely make new ones. Sounds silly I know. I have a couple dear friends here in NY, one in particular goes by the name of Elyse Catlin. Unfortunately she lives 3 hours away in Rochester, so it's hard to see each other. Last Sunday night, Elyse sent me a message telling me she would be here in the morning to visit and I was more than ecstatic. We sat and talked and hung out and played games and enjoyed each others company. I am grateful for her. Thanks for the visit dear friend.

Stay tuned every Sunday for more "Grateful" posts. P.S: Seth, do your posts!

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