Sunday, January 08, 2012

I Am Grateful: Volume1

Within the last week, I've decided to join in on a little thing my brother, Seth, and my friend, Amber, began doing with the new year. Each Sunday, I will blog about something I am grateful for. Whether it be big or small. So here we begin this adventure. 

It's ironic that today's topic in church was being grateful. We talked for a bit about how expressing our gratitude to others is not only something we should do out of common courtesy, but showing our appreciation for the things we love and feel grateful is needed in order for us to grow and become stronger and more loving human beings. I often feel unappreciative and that is when I should be looking my hardest at the things I am grateful for. I could babble all day.

This week, I feel extremely grateful for the way the weather has behaved so far this summer. Moving to New York, nothing frightened me more than how scary everyone said the weather is up here. "3 feet of snow" they said.  "Good luck driving to work!" they warned. "The grass will be covered in snow by October and you won't be able to see it again until April" they joked. Here i am, almost mid January, and I can still see the sidewalk outside. The snow has come several times, the plows have plowed the roads, we quickly shoveled the walkways, and the next day all the snow has melted. EVERY TIME! It's wonderful! I am so grateful that the snow has left every time it came. I am so thankful that (although it's freezing outside) i'm not scared to go outside. I am thankful that there is not 5 feet of snow outside, even though everyone told me there would be months ago.
Growing up in Arizona, I became very spoiled with all the Arizona sunshine. I didn't know what cold was until now. I didn't know what rainstorms were. I didn't know cloudy days could be strug out to cloudy weeks. 
I am grateful today for the weather. Even if New York still sucks, it throws me a bone every once and awhile.

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