Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in 12 Photos

Hello there world! I'm not a very good "celebrator" any more. I don't know how to throw very good parties and I don't get invited to very many. New Years from me has been sitting around alone, or tagging along as a 5th wheel. Needless to say, I've never had my "new years smooch". 3 Years ago I was stood up. 2 years ago, I was a tag along. Last year I was playing apples to apples with Elyse and Amanda. Fun fun!

This year looks no different. Chinese food, Netflix, Scrabble, and probably an early bed time. This year is particularly special because I'll get my first kiss at midnight!

I thought it would be fun to post twelve photos from this last year. One from each month. It'll be fun to look back on and remember what the year 2011 looked like for me. It was a big one! Enjoy :)

New years, sitting at the table with my phone and the scarf Dugan sent me from afghanistan. I took that scarf everywhere with me up until I made my build a bear. I don't have very many memories of January but I remember it was cold, I worked a lot, and I missed Dugan oh so much.

There's a moment when you realize that something life changing is about to happen and you cling on to your closest friend. February is the month I left Arizona and I knew I wouldnt be back for awhile. I had to say goodbye to Amantha whom I lived with for practically 3 years collectively. I said goodbye to Seth whom I hadn't spent longer than 3 weeks away from. I said goodbye to all my friends and it wasn't easy. Jessika(pictured above) was especially hard to say goodbye to because we had never known not having each other to run to. February2011 was definitely a very important milestone in my life.

Virginia! Nothing but good memories come from Virginia! I visited the Greenstreets and Hillary for all of March and some of April. I gained some good laughs with my sisters and I gained a new nephew along the way! March was a good month, but it sure strung along. Dugan was due home from deployment on April 18th and it felt like forever. March was the month of anticipation!

The ceremony, the anxiety, the proposal, the wedding, the house hunting. April 2011 will always be one of the most memorable months in my life. I welcomed best friend home, I married him two days later, we waited and waited for a home. It was hard and I admit, it was toughest for me dealing with all the change I took on all at once. But I'm glad I did! 

Boy, did it feel good to be home for the month of May! I clung to my family and friends like a bad cold. I was so happy to tell all about Dugan and I getting married. Dugan was thrilled to see his home again after a year in Afghanistan. In May, we bought our first vehicle, and prepared to take our first long road trip together!

The trip. 4 days. Little to no sleep. My already huge fear of semi trucks worsened on this trip, and I had way too many pickles! We signed off on our first apartment together on base and moved our small amount of things in immediately. June was full of work for Dugan and lots and lots of LOST for me :)

We saw fireworks at Alexandria Bay above the Castle, searched oodles of yard sales and thrift stores in hopes to fill our home. July gave us warm sunny days, swims in the lake, sun bathing, picnics with friends and board games every night!

Visiting home! Watching Julia and R.D. become man and wife. I woke up early and went to bed late. I enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather. I wore shorts every day and drank lemonade. We saw Lake Placid and conquered the wall. August was good to me this year.

We took a fabulous trip to Ohio. Saw Columbus and Cedar Point. We sat down and made the decision to adopt our most favorite little lady and we are so glad we did! September gave us Ramona, red leaves, home made apple cider, and pumpkin fudge.
I watched Andrew Bird in concert and got a visit from my dear dear friend Rachel. I did nothing for Halloween and I don't regret it. It was gloomy and rainy most of the time. New York began to show me what it was really like: cold and dreary.

We remembered a fallen hero, Blake Whipple. I hopped on a plane to Virginia, and Dugan followed for Thanksgiving. Threw a Mario birthday party, watched live dancing with Hillary and played Mario cart every other night. Seth surprised me and I will always remember how grateful I felt on Thanksgiving 2011.

Snow has yet to stick. But golly is it cold up here. December has brought me hot tea. It's brought be Arizona skies and Christmas with my family. December had brought me movies with Dugan. Ice cream and pizza. It's brought me blogging with my fuzzy blanket (what I'm doing currently). It's brought me late mornings and early nights. December2011 is where we spend the last 49 minutes together before 2012. 

2011 has been quite the year for me.
I am happy with life. I am happy with me. The only goal I think I have for 2012 are to keep myself tall until I find my next adventure.

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