Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Home, Our Safe-Haven

Decorating my first home has been nothing short of a super goal I have set for myself. We moved into this apartment over 7 months ago and the decorating is still not done. Ive been challenged with the obstacle of money and when it comes down to Yard Sale-ing and Thrift Store shopping, all your finds come down to luck and nothing else. I've had a lot of disappointing days where there's nothing worth getting and then I've had days filled with lots of good finds. Almost everything in our apartment except for our mattresses are all used.
The way this apartment looks has been important to me because not only is it my first place to myself, but it's where I spend the majority of my time and I need to love it in order to want to be home. Decorating is still in progress, and I'm unsure whether or not I will ever stop imagining what I want my dream home to look like.

So far, this is how far we have come. There are still a lot of changes I would like to make (repainting the kitchen table, getting a bigger couch, painting some walls) but some of those things might have to wait until we move into our next place. Here is our home so far:

Living Room: Before

Living Room: After

I fall more in love with our living room and dining area everyday. Our Christmas tree is blocking Clint Eastwood poster, but thats what is hiding back there. 

Bathroom: Before                                                                          Bathroom: After

Kitchen: Before

Kitchen: After


I'm trying to keep up with a green and black color scheme in the kitchen for the most part. It's going alright for now considering we can't paint any walls. We also got a new stove recently, so that's an improvement all on its own.

Hallway: Before                                                                         Hallway: After

Just got this rug at Ollies for $20. It's what our bland carpeting has been needing!

Bedroom: Before

Bedroom: After

New bedding set. We only paid about $80 for the set. I'm still looking for a matching bed skirt but they're almost impossible to find! This is my new favorite place in the house. I'm still anxious to find or create something to put on that blank wall behind the bed.

Our new Dresser set we inherited from our friends Seth and Emily. They just moved to North Carolina and didn't want to take these with them so we volunteered to take them off their hands. They match our nightstands perfectly and fill in the empty space we had perfectly. Thanks again, guys!

Like I said, it's all a work in progress still. I take pride in my decorating, and now that I have someone elses style to try and fit into my decorating, it makes it even harder. I can't have things too frilly or girly. 
We like our little home. Although 90% of everything we own is used and hand-me-down, we do with what we got. One day we'll own all new furnature but I quite enjoy making old furnature look new.

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