Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Week My Friend Came to Visit

Last Saturday I picked my friend, Rachel, up from the Airport and since then we've been busy busy going shopping, going out to eat, laying around the house watching movies and laughing the entire time we're doing all of this. I couldn't be happier that she is here- she has certainly brightened my life!

Yesterday was her birthday and we spent the day in Alexandria Bay shopping around at the gift stores and sitting by the water. It was really nice. I'm very glad she chose to spend her 18th birthday with me, even though we didn't go out to "party" or anything.
I was worried I was going to be too boring- I don't know how to host or anything- but she seems pleased with all we've gotten to do. Today, we're attempting to make pumpkin pie and carve pumpkins after Dugan gets home from work this evening. Anyway, we're having a great time, I am very happy she is here, and I will be very sad when she is gone.

Happy Birthday, Friend! 

Love you, Rachel!!!

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Jonathan said...

Rachel really is a great person. Such a lovely individual