Friday, October 28, 2011

This, That, and The Other Thing

Took a trip to Old Navy today with the beautiful Emily Trader which I haven't done in way too long apparently. The clothes I've bought from both Gap and Old Navy have been.. um... made very poorly so I haven't had any incentive to go back. But, I did and I am so glad I did. I found some clearance items, added a storewide 30% off, and then another 40% off on top of that. So, I walked out with all this stuff for super cheap. I love love love it all! My favorite finds of the day are the boots and the green dress.


In case you were wondering; yes, this is what I do for fun.

On another note, Ramona has found a new fascination with our kitchen rug. I'm always stepping on her because I can't see her! Here's why:

She has also discovered the bathtub. But that's more annoying than anything because she thinks my shower curtain is something she is allowed to climb. I assure you, you fluffy devil, it is not. She does know how to be sweet and adorable too though.

Lastly, I would like to leave you all with this picture drawn by my creative husband, showing how much he loves me. It involves a ninja fighting a T-Rex, a rocket ship zooming through the sky, a blimp (still haven't figured that one out yet) and a train flying. Observe:

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