Saturday, October 15, 2011

Andrew Bird

Attended a little concert for Andrew Bird on Wednesday night. That guy is amazing! He's an entire Orchestra rolled up into one single person. Violin? sure. Guitar? no prob. Professional whistling??? absolutely. All three at the same time? Piece of cake.
I had a fun time. The place was small and cozy (but very hot!) There were waaay to many "hipsters" present there. I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the thick rimmed glasses, suspenders, scarves, sachels, fanny packs and "organic water" all around me. Blegh. Seth would've probably died laughing.
But all in all, it was nice to hear some good music live, spend some time with Amanda and get out of Fort Drum. Too bad it was (and still is) raining.
The street the venue was on was called "Andrew St." Weird!
Squinting at the bright flash!

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