Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two Years

Saturday April 20, 2013

Dugan and I celebrated our two year anniversary.
Before I tell you about our vacation, I want to give a BIG should out to our friends Julia & Rd for helping us out. You guys are a great blessing to us. We are so grateful for you and for your help in us having the anniversary we wanted. Forever grateful.

So this is how it went: Early in the morning, we headed to Sedona and took along our picnic basket full of muffins, quiche, fresh fruit, and orange juice. When we got to the red rocks we pulled off and had ourselves a lovely picnic.

After our picnic we took a nice hike to the top of one of the red rocks. It was only about 2 miles each way but it was nice and was beautiful when we got to the top. Odin loved the exercise, too.

So, then Dugan and I went to our appointment for our massages. Let me tell you. that massage was so needed and so relaxing. It was my very first one and it wont be my last one. Yes, a little pricey but we decided not to worry about money on our anniversary and just do the things we want for once. I wish I had a picture of this place. So beautiful and relaxing and personal. The owners even let us bring Odin into the yard and helped us by watching him for the hour and a half we were getting our massages. Here's the link in case any of you are interested in having a great experience.

After our massages, we ate lunch at a bbq in town and then we checked into our lodge. We spend a few hours between then to relax in our room and get ready for dinner.

 Odin felt right at home.
 Tired boy took a nap before dinner while I got ready.

My hair for dinner. Thank you Pinterest.

In the morning, we were served breakfast by the lodge. It was pretty peaceful and very much delicious. 

We came back home and recovered from spoiling ourselves in Sedona. As we got in the car, I notices one rose Dugan pulled off a bush and placed for me in the passenger seat. So sweet. Oh, there was chocolate there, too. Because, you know, it's chocolate.

Our 2nd anniversary was much different than our first anniversary, which we spent in New York City.  We probably spent the same amount of money. But NYC was really fast paced and busy and crazy and exciting. This year was relaxing and we had lots of time to enjoy each others company without feeling like we need to fill every second of the day with touristy things to do. At one point before our message, we were sitting at the spa drinking hot tea and sitting on a swing in the yard and just breathing in the fresh air. It was so refreshing to slow down for a full 24 hours. Thank you Sedona for being so close by and for giving us the calming atmosphere we needed.

In my post last year I listed a few things I love about my husband and (you bet) I am going to do it again.

I love that he holds my hand on every walk and every car ride, even if it's just to the store.
I love that he lets me talk along to movies I love... and sing along to songs in the car.
I love that he snuggles me at night. Still.
I love that he calls me beautiful first thing in the morning when I look like THIS.
I love the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles.
I love, though it drives me crazy at the same time, that he doesnt care what he wears as long as it's comfortable.
I love that all he wants is to make me happy.
I love that his biggest hero is his Dad. 
I love that he is nerdy and could watch a different Japanese action film every day. 
I love that he loves antiques.
I love that he's supportive.
I love that he is positive.
I love that he is so patient and takes nothing personally.
I love that his dreams consist of gardens and teaching our children about life.
I love that he loves animals.
I love that he loves me.

Love you, Dugan. I am so lucky to have been married to you for 2 years so far. I look forward to the rest of our lives. Thank you for all you do and all you are. You are kind, loving, patient, gentle, handsome, wise, generous, charitable, thoughtful, romantic, and tender-hearted. I am the luckiest lady on earth to have landed you as my man.
Year three, here we come!

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Julia Nielsen said...

I am so happy that you were able to have a relaxing, great time together! It sounds like heaven.