Thursday, May 16, 2013

Color Vibe- 5K accomplishment

A year and a half ago I did my first 5K run on Thanksgiving day with two of my sisters. This 5k, however didn't really count because we never signed up and ran with the rest of the runners, we just measured the distance and did it on our own so we could complete the race earlier in the day. During this time, I was much slower than I am now and didn't have any idea what I was doing. I didn't time it either so I can't even tell you how well I did.

Getting to the point, I signed up for the Color Vibe 5k this year and my friends Andy, Kelsey, Rd, Kyden, and a few others joined in for a bit of color fun and exercise.

 Andy, Rd and I wanted to run the whole time and that's exactly what we did!

Finished the run in 35 minutes which isn't bad because the first 2 miles was entirely uphill and was on a dirt trail so give me a break. It felt pretty good to sprint to the finish line and be greeted by some friendly faces cheering me on. 

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