Friday, May 17, 2013

New York- A quick vacation

Set out to Brockport, NY last week for a quick adventure. My dearest friend, Elyse, who also surprised me for Christmas, happened to be getting her Bachelor's degree and I needed to be there to support here. That's a huge accomplishment and I needed to show her that I was totally there for her... and also I missed her to death. So, i'll try not to bore you with the details but it goes without saying that I had a great time going back to New York and getting some time with the grass and the flowers.

We did lots of things while I was there.

Like I said, boring details but I like the details and I want to remember them.
Here's some photos to describe what we did so I don't have to:

Attended Elyse's graduation.
Celebrated Elyse's accomplishments with a party thrown by her family that had lots of food and drink and cake/

Saw The Great Gatsby in Theaters. I begged Elyse to go with me for like 4 nights in a row. Thank goodness she actually liked the film and didn't hate it!

We went to "wing night" out at one of the Bar&Grills in downtown Brockport.

Such a goofball:)

 We had a bon fire out at the Catlin's Farm. So nice to get cozy next to the fire after a long 5 days of freezing weather!
blue tongue from our slushpuppies on the drive to Buffalo

Went to the Lilac Festival in Rochester. There are just fields of lilacs and people set up tents and there is a bunch of food and live music and all kinds of merchandise.  A very beautiful place!

There are a lot of photos of just me and Elyse because I recently realized that there were very few out there and I needed more. It was SO nice being close to my dear friend again. I am grateful for her and so proud of her in graduating. I know she is going to do great things in her life!

I enjoyed going back to New York. It was good to run in the rain and smell all the flowers growing all around me. It's a completely different world than Arizona is and I almost forgot what it was like being there. The buildings are older, the people are grumpier, and the land is greener. I'll be going back again, i'm sure. Who knows when that will be. 

My trip home was nothing short of traumatizing. I had a delay in one of my flights causing me to miss my connecting flight and landing me in New Jersey for the night for 4 hours of broken sleep so I could make my 6:00 flight the next morning. It was a miracle that I got a hotel that would book me and that the airline would pay for it. It might be awhile until I fly again.\

Before I go, I just want to quickly say here, so that everyone can see it, that I am working on being more positive. In the negative situations I have in my life all around me, being positive is the only way I am going to keep my head on straight. I am a pessimistic person and overall way more grumpy than I should be. So I am trying to fix that. I've decided to look for the good in all that is around me, even if the hand I am dealt at the moment is total crap.
When I woke up at 4:30 in New Jersey- far from home and so under rested, I looked out my window of the room of my hotel and saw a beautiful sun rise coming up over New Jersey. It was my silver lining and I am glad I was looking for something positive to get me through my long day of travel.

I have another adventure coming my way next week when our friends the Moccos come for a visit. 

Tata for now, everyone. Hope your weekend is splendid.

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