Saturday, April 21, 2012

Year One.

It has been quite a year.
365 Days ago from yesterday, I married a fantastic man. It was the scariest and most remarkable thing I have ever done. On the day I made the appointment for our marriage ceremony at the court house, I remember hanging up a few times before I let someone answer. Throughout my life I have made many hard decisions, but marrying Dugan wasn't one of them. I was scared because I didn't want to lose him. I didn't want to grow so close to someone I would ever lose. Marrying Dugan was scary, nerve racking, exciting, terrific. But marrying this boy was in no way a question in my mind. 

He is wonderful.
He tolerates my temper.
He kisses me when i'm sick.
He writes me love letters.
He makes me breakfast.
He loves my hobbies and hates my bad habits.
He supports me.
He makes me laugh.
He never makes me cry.
He holds my hand. All the time.

He tries each day to make me happy.
He's never afraid to tell me when I'm being silly or out of control.
He teaches me each day more about myself than I could ever do alone before. 

I hope this year is a sneak peak into the rest of our lives together.
I hope this past year has been a small preview into how happy we will be.
I hope this is one out of 60 incredible years together.

We woke up early 2 mornings ago and began our journey to NYC. I've been there a couple times before but I hadn't had to know my own way around before. Manhattan is a very busy, very tiring city. Yes, it was a very busy trip but we had a BLAST!

Started off with some pizza. It was nothing special, but the point is is that its from NYC.

Followed by a bit of site seeing and good ol fashion tourism.

Found the worlds coolest coffee shop in times square.

Saw some neat stuff like the Lego and Hersheys factory

We went to the Central Park Zoo which was surprisingly smaller than we expected so it took us an hour shorter to view everything than we planned so we had extra time to wander around central park and the city streets.

We passed by those discount ticket booths they have set up in times square as the sun was setting and decided to check it out. Thats where we got a sweet deal on some saweet seats to Marry Poppins.

Day 2 was a little bit more relaxed. less walking. More subways and sitting around longer. We were a little pooped from the day before. So, we lounged around the city like the lazy tourists we are.

You might not be able to tell, but I have rope burns on my collar bone from carrying around my camera the day before. Ouch!

Our anniversary was a success! The train ride home took forever, but we finally made it home. We had tons of fun in the city but it will probably be a long long time before we go back. It's a little too chaotic for our simple lives.

We celebrated our anniversary well, and I am so happy we chose to go to the city to do it. We don't often take trips just for pure luxury. It was nice getting away and having time to do what we wanted.

Love you, Buster. Happy anniversary! 
Here's to many more.

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Brooke said...

This was PERFECT for your anniversary. You guys celebrated and made memories that will last a life time! Love you both!