Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching Up

This month has been a bad blogging month for me, mostly because things are happening and I just haven't had a chance to document any of them. As most of you know, I am back in Arizona. This time, it's for good. I said goodbye on the 2nd to my friends in New York and headed back to my sunny state. It was sad saying goodbye but it feels good to be back. 

So long, 8408C. Our first home together!

My Elyse!

I wasn't expecting to find an apartment right away, but my first weekend here I saw and fell in love with our new apartment and we already have a down payment on it- so excited for it. I feel positive about living in Flagstaff. I will still get the Arizona atmosphere I love but be far enough away from home that I will miss it when I'm gone.

This month has been full with activities, birthday parties, restaurant outings, and all the other silly little things that come with being home.

my father in law
Mr Milo at Teagan's Birthday Party
Miss Geneva- going to Alaska this summer:(

The sun from the smoke

I'll try to keep in touch- I have to keep my camera and my computer in the same place from now on.
We'll be moving into our place June 20th.
Can't hardly wait. 

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