Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foxy Brown

From the minute my dear friend Julia told me she was going to be a mom, I didn't know how to feel. Since we were 14, we've been a couple of giddy, mistake-making, boy crazy teenage girls without a direction in the world. Now, we're both married adults with our own universes.
I got a call in the middle of the night Sunday night that Julia was on her way to the hospital so I jumped up out of bed and drove to Payson to be by her side- one of my many best friend duties. When I got there she had already given birth to a beautiful baby boy. A little while later, he was given a name: Elias Fox Nielsen. I am in love with this baby boy. He couldn't be any more perfect. 

It still feels weird. It feels ground breaking. Our world of being lost little girls is over and my best friend is a mama now. It all feels new but still very natural. Julia is so very important to me. My life has been changed because of this girl. She's seen me at my worst and at my very best. We've had our struggles, but man i'm glad we did. She is my insides. I am so proud of her and I just cant take my eyes off the little man she and R.d. brought into this world.
 Congrarulations Julia and R.d. for becoming parents this week on Monday October 22nd, 2012
Love you guys. I am so happy to have a new nephew.

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