Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Family, Photos, FUN!

Hello Friends & Family of cyber-world!
As most of you already know because you were either with me or heard me rave about it nonstop for the last few weeks of my life, we got a visit from my sisters from Virginia and their family- bringing my whole family together. This is a rare thing to happen, since there are just so many of us. It's truly a blessing to see everyone at the same time. I sure love my family.
Halloween Morning, I met my mama and my Hillary at crosswinds restaurant for some unhealthy, greasy, and delicious breakfast. Julia and baby Elias joined us. A nice walk in the fall colored wilderness followed breakfast. 

Brooke, Hillary and my mom got together and took the kiddos trunk or treating on Halloween. That was as fun as Halloween could be I guess. It's just not my favorite holiday, but i make what I can out of it.

After Halloween, we celebrated Hillary's 26th Birthday together with a yummy breakfast at  my favorite family owned restaurant, The Randall House. It was perfect. I so wish I had some photos of all us girls (my sisters & my mama),  but I have yet to snag those from anyone. 

Saturday we went to Tonto Basin to Celebrate my Grandfather's 80th birthday! It was really fun for me to show off my handsome husband to all of my extended family and to see lots of relatives I haven't seen in years. Some of them have a handful of kids now- my big family is just going to keep getting bigger. Again, I don't have any photos of my Grandpa's birthday party, but I have lots of fun pictures of my family before my grandpa's party.

 All the Grand kids- so far. Athan, Damen, Gwendalyn, Emma, Calvin, Charles, Andrew, and Scott
 Silly Faces!
 My sisters <3
 ...with a spoonful of photobombs
This is about as good as a photo of Seth can get...
The WHOLE gang. I love these photos. 
I love this family. 

I am so happy to have spent some needed quality time with my family. 

Everyone who I didn't get a chance to see or spend any time with while I was in town, so so sorry. I promise to make time for you on my next visit. You know there is a place for you in my life- just sometime's it gets a little crowded. I mean... look at the size of my family :)

Happy November Everyone. Stay warm out there and stay away from getting sick- I know we're struggling with it in my house right now!

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