Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Redemption

Here's a little story for you.
Since I was 13 ish, Ive struggled with this little "pouch" of fat on my tummy. I call it my baby bump. No, not a real baby bump, but it genuinely looks like a 4 month baby bump so that's what I call it. So I did all I could to try to get rid of this "baby bump". I did lots of working out- at one point I was running almost 2 miles a day- I would do lots of dieting and trying to eat healthy. I counted calories, did hundreds of sit ups, and still nothing changed.
What I had never realized, until recently, that I was doing it all wrong. Yes it was good that I exercised, and eating healthy is never a bad idea, but I never did the two extremes at the same time. When I was working out a lot, I always felt it was okay to eat what I wanted and the same happened when I dieted, I felt like since I was eating healthy, It wasn't as important for me to work out. wrong. So very wrong.
As of this year, I made the decision that I was going to start going to school in hopes of one day being a nutritionist and go into dietary studies. I feel that it will be beneficial not only to me, but to my family that I become educated about food, our bodies, etc. Since I was going to start becoming a "health nut" I also decided that I was going to make a change in my life when it came to exercise. I was no longer going to start exercising in order to look good, I was going to start working out in order to feel good. 
And that's exactly what I did. 

Starting in may, when I began the move from New York to Flagstaff, I decided that I was going to start exercising every day of the week. Even if it meant waking up at 5am or just going for a ten minute run. I would find time no matter what. 
This definitely kicked in in August and I was a little bit more strict about it when Rachel moved in and I had someone to motivate me.

I guess I never realized how unhealthy I really was before all of this until I looked at the photos we took on my last day in New York:

Yikes. No wonder I felt so crummy all the time. Literally and figuratively.

To my defense, I did live in a very cold state that year and felt it necessary to layer up for the winter. No?
Also, I had started birth control which definitely made me feel hungry all the frickin time.
No excuses.
So, I made a change.
Each day for the last 3 months I have found time every day to do some form of exercise, with the exception of a day or two a week when I need a break (a break is okay every once and awhile).  On top of the exercise, I have found what I can and cannot eat, and only "cheat" once a week. Im not dieting, I'm just eating healthier. Sadly, I see less and for some none of: Ranch, Potatoes, Cheese, Butter, Tortillas, Gravy, Pasta, Fatty Meats, etc. I eat more and lots of: Spinach, Fruit(we go through so much fruit a week here it's crazy), egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, etc. 

weight: 129lbs
pant size: 6
bust measurement: 36.25in
Bra size: 36D (sometimes DD depending on brand)
Waist measurement: 28.5in
hips measurement: 35.5in

weight: 112lbs
pant size: 2
bust measurement: 33in
bra size: C34
waist measurement: 24.5in
hips measurement: 30.5in

weight: 17lbs
bust: 3.25in
waist: 4in
hips: 5in
Overall inches: 12.5inches.
More than a foot smaller overall.

None of this is to brag. I want to document this so I can remember. I want to remember these things so if I ever need a bit of motivation again it will be here. I can do it. I can. And although my genetic "baby bump" will probably be here forever, It's the smallest it's been in 7 years and I am so grateful for that. I  am the smallest I've been in years and i'm not going back!
I am happy. Not struggling, not pushing through it, not looking for the home stretch. I have to keep telling myself that this is not a "here and now" thing. This is my new lifestyle. I will live much longer now that I am learning what is good for me and what is bad for me. How much of diet and exercise is too much and how much is not enough. Just because I've reached a goal of mine doesn't mean this part of my life is over. I am going to stay healthy, stay working out, and continue eating like I want to live a life without being overweight or with heart disease or diabetes. As good as things are, I will have you all know that I am not done. I am happy with the way I look and the way I feel, and I plan to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading!


Cheyenne said...

Great job Hayley!! You are amazing and we're so proud of you :)

Katherine Young said...

Wow, you look amazing Hayley!!!