Sunday, July 01, 2012

Getting Comfortable

I know, I know. I am really slacking on uploading some photos of our apartment. But, I've been wanting to wait until it's all done to share it with you. If you're impatient on seeing it, then just come visit me!

To make ourselves feel at home, we took some time out of our day yesterday to do some "gardening" and by that I mean we were just replanting the flowers and what not into some prettier pots to set on our balcony for everyone to look at and admire. Seth came up here yesterday to spend some time with us to he took a couple crafty photos of us with my camera. We always like having him around.

We don't have internet just yet so please excuse my lack of blog posts recently. I'll get on it soon and start posting more often of what we're up to.  So far, we're loving Flagstaff, loving our new home, and loving life.

Lastly; just a little shout-out to my fluffy friend, Miss Ramona. She turns one today. Happy birthday you brat.

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