Monday, January 05, 2015

Starting New

I am in what feels like a different life- drifting in and out of my days. I've been absent from my blog for almost an entire year and for that I am deeply apologetic to my readers. For what it is worth, I am still alive, still happily married and still getting through each day as they come. As a tribute for the last year, I'll need to post more than just a recap of the year so I will be posting a series of posts so that I can give these last 12 months the credit it deserves. 

Allow me to use this post as a declaration for the year 2015 and what I want to accomplish in the upcoming months of my life. I am happy to announce that this year is the year we will be moving out of the state to our neighboring state of Colorado. Dugan and I have been and continue to pinch all of our pennies in order to save the money for the "great move". We know it's our time. We need to settle into somewhere that feels like home and to us, that place is among the mountains in Colorado. More details on that in a later post. 

I have had a few conversations with Dugan about life in the last few weeks and I've contemplated the reasons as to what makes us happy in life. I know the cliche of "happiness being up to us" and "life is what you make it". While that's absolutely right, I know that none of that means anything if you ignore all the bad things in life too. The truth is, bad things happen to bad people and good people alike. I know that I am not someone who can just ignore all the crap and turn the other way. But very recently I've began to understand that I can feel all the bad things, and I can let myself feel them and be ok with it, but I should not allow myself to complain about them because all complaining does is make people not want to listen to you anymore. All complaining and moaning will do will make all your loved ones run away and run fast. 
So in 2015 and hopefully every year after that, I am changing myself to quit complaining. I can vent, I can stand up for myself, but complaining does me no good. 

Good vibrations will come from me from now on, friends. I will do my damnedest.
 I will have my blog more up to date soon. I will be posting a few more in the next few days so, check back in soon.

Much love to you all.
I hope your holidays have been warm and filled with all good things. 

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