Monday, April 28, 2014

January sunshine: Geoff and Elyse came to visit!

I was so worried that the weather this year for the visit of my dear friends Geoff and Elyse was going to be crappy and cold ahain like it was last time elyse came to visit.

Their plane got delayed like 3 days from the crazy blizzards that were ripping through the north east, but we tacked on a few extra days pmto hither visit so that was extra nice. Here are a few things we did:

We went hiking I'm Sedona and down Tonto Natural bridge. It is my obligation as an Arizona resident to show all my nonresident visitors the beauty if this state.

We went out to the Lumberyard downtown. After 10pm, they have country music and the restaurant opens up as a dance floor. We all danced and had a great time being together.

We went to payson a couple times to go hiking and to hand out with the Nielsons a bit since they were leaving in 3 weeks time. Gotta squeeze all the best friend time I could get! 

I'm not in this photo because I took it. 

We did a lot of sitting around and watching movies, we took Geoff and Elyse to go get the tattoos they wanted, and we played some just cance on the wii. Was the trip super activity packed? No. But everything we did we did with purpose and with so much love among each other. Can't wait to have the two of them back for another visit. 
Heres some more ransoms to wrap it up.

Come back soon, guys. Miss you all the time!

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