Monday, January 05, 2015

Catching up: February 2014 Running and Aging

I am still in awe at my accomplishment of running 13.1 miles during the IMS marathon last February. I trained everyday for 8 straight weeks before the race. I can still remember the anxiety pulsing through me as I warmed up at the starting line, as I said goodbye to Dugan who would meet me at the finish line. I had my doubts. I had my fears. I was so nervous but o excited to feel what finishing something so small would feel like in the broad spectrum of things. 
At the starting line:

During the race: a little more than half way there at mile 7:

And after it was all over:


I just couldn't believe I'd done it. It's such a small feat for many but for me it was Everest. I am not someone who does things like this... Or at least I idnt used to be. I used to be lazy and unmotivated and unwilling to push my limits. There was a moment during my race right before the 11th mile when I felt like I was going to collapse and give up. I turned the corner and I could see the stadium where the finish line was... Right there in my sight, a simple 2 miles away. I felt my heart pound and my legs begin yo move faster. I found myself telling others of move faster, to not give up, to keep going. I became someone I knew I wanted to be. 

Keep going hayley. It's right there. 
You've done it. 
The hard part is over.

As I reared the final corner, my heart leaped. I felt tears rise to my eyes and I couldn't hold them back. 
I am etertanny grateful for this accomplishment of mine. It meant so much more to me than running 13.1 miles. It meant hitting a milestone in my life. It meant seeing a mountain in front of me and climbing it. It meant wanting something and actually getting it. It was the ultimate test for me in my new healthy way of living. It was me showing the whole world I was serious about what I wanted to accomplish and DOING IT. 
Completing it felt magical. As that day finished, I felt as though I didn't ever need to do another one of these half marathons. But now, almost a year later, I've been itching to do another one. We'll see if I'm presented a great opportunity like that again soon :) 

Subject switch!
In February last year Seth and I turned 22. We were born 2/2/92 and this was one and a lifetime birthday for us. It was a simple birthday. We went out for breakfast, wandered bookmans for books, then walked around downtown and ended our day with these 
It says twin in each other's handwriting. Simple, personal, and for no other reason other than it is special to me and Seth is close to my heart. Mines right by my heart and Seth's is where his pulse is. 

***sidenote*** I domt recommend getting a tattoo to anyone. Holy painful. Not fun. There are other ways to honer each other and I know that now. 


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