Thursday, January 15, 2015

Catching up: Spring 2014

You don't realize how far behind on blogging you really are until you look through all your lots from the year and you want to talk about all of them! All your trips, all your experiences, all your celebrations and birthdays and holidays.

However, there is not enough time in my day to go back and talk about all of it through the year so this chunk of time is going to just be called "Spring" because that's what time of the year this was in.

Spring of 2015 was... Fast. I began my research into moving to phoenix from flagstaff (more thoughts on that later), I visited the Greenstreets in March, and Dugan and I celebrated our 3-yr anniversary. 

So: Virginia. 
I'll let the photos speak for themselves but as a premise: these kids, these beaches, my sister, this family has a special place in my heart. I know I can always run away to their house when I need time away from my own life at home. My visits are always pleasantly filled with runs on virginia roads, hugs and kisses from some seriously sweet kids, and board games ;) always a good time for me! 

Always a great time with these people!!!

In this post, I'll also touch likely on my anniversary from last year. Dugan and I both ended up working because Home Depot denied his time off request so I picked up a shift too then came home and made us dinner and chocolate covered strawberries. We didn't have the money for a trip or doe dinner last year so we just kept it simple indoors. 


And just for fun I'll throw in a few extra photos taken in the spring just so I don't forget about them:)

Amanthas birthday! I came down for the day and We got facials and some lunch. So fun!

Hangin' out around the house;)

Getting to see our friends when they came for a visit. 

The rest of spring Was just full of work and weightlifting at the gym. But I'll spare you the pics of that stuff because.... Booorrrriiiinnnggg! 

Look everyone! I finished another post! That's 3 for this month! Huzzah! 


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