Friday, September 27, 2013

Sleepy Week

I'm not complaining because this is what I wanted for this semester (right?). I wanted to take on work like a steam train so Dugan could focus on his school work and homework and not stress so much about money. In an ironic hilarity, Dugan told me yesterday that this has been the "easiest semester he's taken". Joke is on me! This week I have been working every day for no less than ten hours a day between the restaurant and the babysitting and when I come home late at night I lay down in bed and struggle with falling asleep. I'm not sure if my brain is on overload or if the change in the seasons is messing with my head or what the heck is going on but i'm not regenerating over night and I am still heading off to work each day.

Again, I'm not complaining im just updating the times of whats going on with me and whats happening this week with me. Last week in September: spent not sleeping and away from home. If anyone feels the urge to come take me away from myself for a day or two, follow that urge. Today i'm running on fumes and coffee. Wish me luck!

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