Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Much-Needed Day of Lazy

I say "lazy" in the loosest way possible because while, yes, we are taking the day to relax, we are in no way neglecting more important or productive things so we can relax. I don't upload quite as many photos as I have known to in the past because not much new stuff happens for me to document. My crafts have been very few and far between and our adventures are getting smaller as time billows past us. The time spent together is in the late evening after long all-day shifts at work and all we want to do is eat and go into a long coma of which we wake from and start all over again.
 Our mornings have been starting at 5:00 AM since both Silas and I have to be at work by 6:00. He is working 5 days a week at Home Depot and spending the other two days of the week on school. I am working 5 days a week as well spread out among my two jobs; at the restaurant serving old people their coffee and pancakes and at the Lemke household sitting a sweet 4 year old three times a week. Many days, we start first thing in the morning and don't get done until late at night. We still find time somewhere between shifts and classes to take the pup to the park and every once and awhile, fit in some time at the gym or on a bike ride. Like I said, after work and school, our energy is low so there is not much activity in our day to day. I have been doing quite well, however, going on long walks with Grayson when I am nannying on those days.

These summer days are just about tucked away for the year behind the late evening breeze and the color-changing leaves. The sunshine is still peaking it's stubborn head out from behind the clouds around mid day giving us a very good sizzle and a great big blanket of warmth as if to say "I'm still here... I'm still here". I made a bargain last winter that if the sun would come out and stay out for a great long while this summer that I would try my best not to complain about the heat and I feel that I have done my best at accomplishing this. There may have been a few complaints while I was in phoenix here and there but... it's phoenix... Can you really blame me?
Though winter is about to barge in through our front door with it's teeth bearing and it's claws out, I am still basking in this Autumn air with all that is in me. I am a forever lover of Autumn. The colors, the breeze, the smell of cocoa and tree sap that fills the air as the leaves and pine cones start jumping from their branches all seem to astound me and leave me grinning from ear to ear.

Today we decided to make into a "pajama day" at home. Neither Dugan or I are wearing our pajamas but our bed remains unmade and little to no chores have been done today. We woke up, went to breakfast, came home and nestled ourselves into our books, video games, and art projects. Dugsan is currently poking around in his garden which, if I may add, is probably his favorite place on earth. I have completed a few projects I have been meaning to do for awhile and felt inspired to blog about current events. Here is us on our "pajama day" soaking in our version of what lazy is:

As a testimonial of other current and recent events here are just a few things that have transpired since my last post:
Odin got snipped. He was very brave and very um... drunk... for the first day but healed up quick and now he is good as new. Poor Puppy.

Our living rooms is almost completely done being decorated and rearranged. I am happy with the way it is now. We finally have a working tv, our pictures are up and autumn decorations are set out.  Done and happy.

See, not much happens here but the small thins that do happen bring warmth to my heart and I think those are the important things to share. I am blessed with many good things. Lasting summer sunshine, a family that loves me almost as much as I love them;), jobs that help me pay my bills and keep me busy and my days full, and much much more. I am doing better at keeping my head on screwed tight as long as I am getting enough sleep and getting my exercise. Things are good. Autumn, I welcome you with open arms... as long as you hold off winter as long as you know how.

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