Sunday, September 11, 2011


We've talked about pets, and both of us want a dog when we have a yard and when we live somewhere that doesn't snow the way upstate New York does. But with us waiting for a dog, I am home alone while Mr. Eckstein is at work throughout the day. Yes, I am working but only two days a week and it still gets too quiet around the house! I've been alright with it since we moved in in June but the clouds have been hovering over us- making me want someone around to brighten my day.
When I was in Ohio, there was a litter of kittens outside the doorstep of our friends' neighbors house and, I kid you not, it was the most adorable sight I've ever seen. They were huddled together and shivering and it was heart melting! Anyway, I found a way to snag a picture with one and give it back to its mama before she got mad.
The baby kitty was very scared to meet a person- and I felt so sad to leave them there to shiver in the cold morning. BUT- you can't take home every cat with you. Well, you can but you shouldn't.
Dugan and I talked about it and we went to the SPCA to look at all the many many cats they had up for adoption.

Two days later, we came home with this lovely lady:
Despite Dugan's prior complaints of cats, I catch him snuggling her and giving her kisses. He loves her. Yay!
She fits right in, attacking everything she can get her tiny paws on and snuggling with me every second she gets.
I am happy with the decision to adopt a kitten. We still want a dog, but it'll be awhile before we decide to do that. And when we do, at least dog and cat will have each other. 

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RunningWild said...

Ramona is so sweet! Hahaha it was so fun watching her attack the laser point the other night! ;)