Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the Weekends...

Sometimes, our weekends look like this:

(he's in the middle)

We attended the Annual Battalion Ball for the Army. We got all fancied up and ate some sub-par food. We were gonna stay until the dancing, but that was the last event for the night and there was no way we were stickin' around for 3 hours just to dance. So, we went home and put on a little Frank Sinatra and danced in our apartment by ourselves. That was more fun, anyway.

And sometimes, our weekends look like this:

I made homemade apple pie this weekend for the first time! 3 times! We purchased some yummy apples from the cider mill last weekend and then Dugan came home with an arm-full of little apples from a tree he saw the other day so, I went on an apple pie, making frenzy.  The house smelt like warm apple pie, giving our home a feel for fall. The pies turned out GREAT- complete with flaky crusts and a sweet apple center and some vanilla ice cream on the side. Ohh, yeahh! 

 This weekend I've been sporting my finest pair of sweatpants. We spent this morning watching The Office and some Lost, playing some Paper Mario, and then went for a little walk. It hasn't been productive, but I don't care. I'm productive throughout the week, I like laying around the house on the weekends.


side note: Ramona came down with something this last week; pneumonia I think. I've never seen a cat so sick. Poor kitten. I was very scared the other night that she was going to die and I stayed up all night with her. I took her to the vet, the doc gave her some pricey antibiotics, and she is looking 110% better.

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