Tuesday, September 06, 2011


The drive from Fort Drum to Ohio looks all very similar. It's 9 hours of green fields and cows and corn and trees. Needless to say, there's not much of a variety in scenery to look at. But, we drove all the way there- and it was well worth the trip. After stopping in Brockport for a night (which i've been meaning to do for quite awhile) We went to Columbus, followed by a bit of Mansfield, and then Cedar Point!
In Columbus, our friend Ross showed us the worlds coolest book store I have ever seen! It's called the Loft and it's 3 stories of 32 rooms completely stacked with books. I was blown away with this place.
Seriously, it was awesome. I wanted to move in.

So, then there was Cedar Point. If you know me, you know I don't do roller coasters. It's not because I'm scared or they make me sick... I just don't like them. I enjoy watching everyone else scream and cry and scare themselves to death. I did go on three roller coasters (can you believe it?) and they weren't too bad considering they were the 3 smallest roller coasters at the park, but that's not the point. We had fun. Our friends Krissy, Tony, Ross, and Kelsey all joined us at the park. Although it was cloudy and our day was cut a bit short because we had to drive all the way home, it was $80 well spent.

Can't wait to see our friends again.


Bryan said...

That's so awesome! Glad you guys got to hang out.

Kristina said...

I miss you already, friend! :) I really need to check out that bookstore! I would live there if I could...maybe they would notice. >.>
Any who, we want to come visit you guys! :)