Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello, all! I have not blogged in a while because I've been waiting patiently to get my camera back from some friends but have not made a trip to Payson in awhile and therefore have no new photos from my camera to share with all of you. I guess I will have to show you photos of the SCA event at Estrella War located in Queen Creek a little later.
I do, however, still have a little camera attached to my phone so I have a couple randoms to share with you about any recent happenings- that is if any of you are still interested.

This month seemed to fly by. I'm still unemployed but I am making myself a very productive wife and homemaker until the time comes. I've been busying myself with cleaning and cooking and taking care of the puppy and that seems to be pulling my weight pretty well for now.

I've been trying new things in the kitchen and making sure our tummies are staying full of lots of nutritious meals and snacks. Today I made Black Bean And Sweet Potato Quesadillas. I would have never have thought of putting sweet potatoes on a tortilla but I did and it was amazing. The only changes I would have made would be to add maybe a little jalepeno or bell pepper into the blackbean/onion/garlic mix. Oh, and I used corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. A Cheese-less quesadilla didn't make much sense to Dugan at first but he tried it and found that it was a masterpiece! Yum Yum Yum!

I'm still going to the Gym 3-5 times a week and on the days I don't do the gym i'm doing a video in my living room. Odin and I take long walks most days and the little guy still has loads of energy. Sometimes we go on runs too and he really enjoys that. I'm working my way up to a 5K Dugan and I will be doing in about a month. I can already go a solid 3 miles already no problem so I'm not really worried.

So, now I am going to bore you all with talk of the food I enjoy eating and then throw in some photos of my work out in the last 6 months so I can look back and see the series of photos and remind myself not to go back!

The things I like to snack on are usually fruit but I have to stop myself sometimes and throw in some protein, too. I keep a few hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator so I have a quick snack between meals and so Dugan can take one to work every once and awhile. I am currently obsessing over Yoplait Greek Yogurt (I don't know what it is about Yoplait I like so much). I make myself a lot of smoothies and a lot of oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, flax seed, and a dash of cinnamon in it. It's the best!

Today I made a pretty terrific sandwich with Chicken Breast slices, avocado(thats something else I eat a lot of too), spinach, and feta cheese. try it- you'll never go back to ham and cheese again.

So here is a series of photos starting with last February when I wanted to start working out in New York but didn't really know what I was doing just yet. I weighed 129 and wore a size 4 jean.


 I gained another 4lbs between February but then decided enough was enough when a new little stretch mark came to stay on my right hip when I was in California. 

As soon as I moved into my place in Flagstaff, I put my foot down and started working out about 2-3 times a week. I didn't think anything was happening but when Rachel moved in in August she said that she could see a difference in me and that made me feel pretty confident. As soon as she moved in, we were spending our time job hunting and working out so I was working out 6 days a week and we only went out to eat once every other week. By the way, that's one of the only way people can progress in their workouts. Eat healthy and work out a lot. It's not that complicated.
The inches started coming off...

September was more of 5-6 times a week at the gym and out on my runs. It started to get a little easier to JUST DO IT. I think I was finally starting to feel like I was shrinking. None of my jeans OR my bras fit anymore and that was both refreshing and somewhat frustrating because neither of those things are cheap. I was down to a size 3 jean by this point.

October  and November I felt like I needed to kick it up a notch because I have this hereditary "baby bump" that I could NOT get rid of. (see picture below). My tummy looked flat head on but from the side I looked three months pregnant. I was starting to think that it was just something I had to live with and quit trying to control. At this point I weighed 112lbs and was happy enough with that number but knew that I could push myself and do even better.

By the time Christmas rolled around I felt like I had defeated my "baby bump" and got it to be at least smaller than it ever had in my entire life. I mean, there's still a little pooch, but it was significantly less noticeable. I was doing a LOT of cardio and ab workouts 4 times a week. 3 light days of abs and one intense day where abs were my main focus. By Christmas I weighed 107.5lbs! I hadn't weighed that since probably before High School. And I was OK with that number because I knew that it was small, but I knew that It was not too small. I was doing lots of strength training, I was eating a proper diet and there wasn't anything unhealthy going on. 

Jan-feb were a lot of the same old same old. Trying to maintain how much I weighed and just focus on keeping myself toned and strong.

Now, in late March, I'm still hanging around between 106lbs and 110lbs depending on the day. I feel good and I am just keeping up with what I have already accomplished. I'm still struggling keeping my tummy looking flat but that'll be something I struggle with forever, i'm sure.

I'm happy with me. And, honestly, working out has become really special to me because it's a way for me to get away and have my quiet time and my ME time. It's been a really good outlet for relieving stress and letting myself feel vain for a couple hours out of the day. I need to blog about my journey so that is something I don't have to worry about ever going back to what I was. It was weird because I didn't know that I was so big until now- that I am small and can fit into a size double zero jean depending on the brand. I like feeling snobby about "needing" by minimum of 30 minutes a day to exercise. I feel better than I used to. I sleep better than I used to. I have better posture and I just feel better when I get into clothes.


mom said...

you look great! very proud.

Cheyenne said...

Hayley you look beautiful but, you always did :) What 5K are you doing? Ashley asked me if Greg and I wanted to do the Mogollon Monster which I believe is a 5K obstacle course.

Amantha said...

Will you come back to my house and show me your "light" ab workout followed by your "intence ab workout? PLEASE!