Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I can...

My sister Amantha posted something like this on her blog and I just thought it was so uplifting and positive that I had to stop my life for a minute and do one of my own. So, without much thought, here is a quick list of things I can't do, followed by a list of things I CAN do.

I can't make anyone love me.
I can't make anyone else happy.
I can't stop commercials from happening.
I can't always get what I want.
I can't be any taller.
I can't keep the snow from falling.
I can't slow down time.
I can't give my family all the money in the world.
I can't always protect my twin brother, though that's all I want to do.
I can't take very long naps during the day.
I can't keep track of all my things all the time.
I can't keep bad things from happening to people.
I can't control anyone else's bad habits.
I can't stop people from dying.
I can't control the way people judge.
I can't fix a lot of my flaws.
I can't find money where there is none.
I can't keep everyone healthy and out of harms way.
I can't make anyone see things the way I see them.

I CAN have a good attitude.
I CAN eat as healthy as I can.
I CAN drive to see my friends and family as often as I can.
I CAN ask for help when I need it.
I CAN do my homework on time.
I CAN stay productive, even when I am unemployed.
I CAN pick my battles.
I CAN do all I know how to to make my husband's life easier.
I CAN smile every day even when I am grumpy.
I CAN tell my family I love them every day.
I CAN get 8 hours of sleep every night.
I CAN practice my manners.
I CAN pay my bills.
I CAN keep my house clean.
I CAN learn how to do almost anything I want by searching it on the internet.
I CAN type a paper, beginning to end, in an obscenely short amount of time.
I CAN tell people I appreciate them when I do.
I CAN kiss my husband each and every day.
I CAN beat someone at a boardgame or two.
I CAN keep good hygiene.
I CAN comfort the people who come to me for it.
I CAN pray whenever I don't know what to do.
I CAN trust myself to make the right decision most of the time.
I CAN call any member of my family and trust that they will be there for me.

There are a million of things I cannot do, but there are a million and one things I can do. I often need to remind myself that even though I cannot control a lot of things in my life, there are many things I can control that effect not only me, but everyone else around me. I am happy with my life because I CHOOSE to be happy with my life. I choose to do things that will make my life better, and I choose appreciate the good things instead of feeling sad over the bad things. There are a lot of bad things in this world, but there are many many good things, too. I hope that some of you out there look for the good things, and choose to be happy- no matter your situation.

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Amantha said...

It is a good idea to focus on what you can control in your life. I'm glad I could encourage you! Love you:)