Monday, January 21, 2013

Odin: the great and powerful

As most people already know, we adopted our very first puppy at the end of December. We've been having a bit of a "puppy" fever since summer time and we have refused to get a puppy because (1)we don't have much space. we live in an apartment and dogs need yards. They just do. (2) puppies need time and attention and exercise: all things we could give, but with very much sacrifice on sleep and other things. (3) money, training, potty training, and however Ramona would react made us very nervous.
Anyway, I continued to torture myself by looking at all the adorable puppies on Craigslist and swooning over all the baby Bulldogs, German Shepards, Bloodhounds, and Labs I saw. Long story short, we decided that the opportunity would just present itself when it's time for us to get a dog and we shouldn't look into it any further until we decide we're ready and the chance is there.

That being said a few days after Christmas, our friend, Alan, asked us if we were interested in a free Husky puppy. He bought him at full price and tried taking care of him, but realized he didnt have the time to give the little guy the attention he deserved. Remember when I said that thing about an opportunity presenting itself when the time came? I think that was opportunity knocking on our front door. Dugan's dream dog, pure breed, free, comes with shots and kennel and food. All we needed to do was commit to giving him the time and exercise he needed, and find a place with a yard by the time our lease expired in a few months. 
Done and done.
We are in love.

This is what he did for the first couple weeks we had him. Just a little tyke. 

 This is Odin waiting patiently in the kitchen to get fed.

aaaand, this is what Ramona and Odin do all day long. It looks cute, but they make incessant, annoying groaning noises. Its sweet that they love each other, but annoying that they need to make noise when they wrestle. I am so happy that they get along. Ramona pretends to hate him when we're around. But if she doesn't know we're watching, she licks him and snuggles him. I think she likes having a friend around.

So far, we are so happy we made this decision. We love having Odin around and we don't mind going for walks in the freezing cold ten times a day so he can go potty. At first, he peed a lot in the house, but he is a champion, now. He is SO well behaved and listens so well. 
Dugan LOVES having this little companion. He tells me every day how happy he is that we got him.

We love our Odin.

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