Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 In Review

I know this is said every new year, but I don't feel like a whole 12 months have passed since I last did this. My photo folders kept filling up- one after another, and yet I feel like not enough time has gone by for these things to all have happened. I'll give you a quick review of each month and a photo or two of a memory from that month, just to let you grasp what my year 2012 was like.

I honestly don't remember much of January from last year. I remember we had our first snow in New York in January and it was cold. I worked a lot at Panera Bread and I'm pretty sure we didn't go too many places and stayed warm in our apartment. We had a few game nights (pictured above). January, for the most part, must've been pretty cozy because I don't have too many memories of this month.

February, I do remember. I turned 20 and I was very sad that Seth wasn't with me for the first time in our entire lives. I had to come to the realization that we can't be together every year on our birthday- sometimes things just don't work out that way. SO, instead, we Skyped and I made chocolate chip cupcakes (he was supposed to have had a cupcake too but slacked off on his end), and we blew out candles together. February was full of work, snow, and snuggles with my kitty on the couch. We had our friends Tony, Krissy, Kelsey, and Ross come and visit us for a couple days and it was really nice having them around. We went laser tagging and ate Sushi. What a month in New York it was.

I couldn't just choose one photo for March because it was a great enough month to get 3 photos. In the beginning of the month, I flew to Virginia to spend some much needed quality time with Hillary and the Greenstreets. My Momma, Amantha, and Calvin flew out to Virginia too! Mr Eckstein made me breakfast in bed a lot because he's perfect, and we "celebrated" Saint Patrick's Day by making green cupcakes and taking an evening at the park. I say celebrated very loosely because we weren't really celebrating anything, we were just wearing green and eating cupcakes. I got to spend some time with Elyse in Buffalo and someone trusted me enough to hand me a big gun to shoot out on their farm in Rochester. The weather started to warm up a bit and I was beginning to get really excited for spring.

April was nice. The sun was shining more and the Tulips were in bloom. Dugan and I had our one year anniversary and chose NYC as the place to be for that. He had never been before so I thought the time was now or never. We took a 6 hour train ride there and back and walked about 8 miles per day in the city. We saw everything that didnt cost money and then spent a little bit to watch a last minute showing of Marry Poppins on Broadway. 
For Easter, we drove to Rochester and stayed with the Catlin family. April was my last month I would be spending in New York so I made every second of it. I slowly began to pack my things for the move out west to Arizona again and worked my last hours at Panera Bread.

May was really nice. I flew to Arizona with Ramona and Julia and RD let me stay with them for awhile until I could find an apartment in Flagstaff. I helped pamper Julia who was experiencing her first pregnancy. Rachel graduated from High School, Teagan had a birthday party. I found our apartment and worked my way toward moving in. The Arizona weather was nice and the sunshine was warm. Just what I needed after a cold winter in New York.

Made a last minute trip to California with Julia, Ethan, and RD for a wedding. Attempted to get over my driving anxiety and while doing so, I drove over RD's foot (sorry again, buddy). June was the month that we finally moved into our apartment in flagstaff and began our hunt for a job. There was a lot of idle time I filled with watching movies and hanging out with family. Dugan took our jeep for it's 2nd tour across country and met me in Payson 2 days before our move in date. I dont remember much more from june, but I do know that it happened.

So, in July, we did and didn't do a whole lot. I started my babysitting job and began watching two of the best kiddos in the world. We watched the fireworks in Payson- which I haven't done in years. The days were hot and the nights were chilly. It rained everyday in Flagstaff at about the same time each day. Seth had a show in Sedona so we drove down there 3 or 4 times to see him and spend time with him.

August was great! Dugan found a job and I began kicking myself in the butt to get working out. I made the decision work out each and every day and not only start eating healthy, but thinking healthy. We had a nice vacation up at Lake Powell and camped out in the bed of a truck on the beach. I continued to work and it continued to rain. I successfully planned and threw Julia's baby shower. Rachel moved in at the beginning of the month and tried to get herself a job too.

School started off September for us. Dugan, Rachel, and I began our first semester at college together. Dugan and I went on picnic-date and it became one of my favorite dates we've ever had together. The sunflowers hugged the fields of Flagstaff and I was surrounded by Sunshine. My sister in law, Geneva, came home from working in Alaska and we spontaneously went to phoenix to have a surprise dinner for my mother in law. The nights grew colder.

Halloween is pointless to me so I didn't even bother dressing up. In October, we worked, we went to school, we did homework, we slept. The leaves began to change from green, to yellow, to orange, to red. October is one of my favorite months because everything smells like leaves and pumpkin and the colors engulf me. My god son Elias was finally born and I was forever changed. This year, October brought us warm sunshine, cold evenings, slight breeze, brisk runs in the morning. The sun began to hold off on showing its face and went to bed earlier and earlier each day.

The Greenstreets and miss Hillary came for a visit and we got our whole family together for the first time in years. I skipped class to be with them, but still found a way to pass my classes as the semester neared its end. I began looking for a job aside from the babysitting to better stabilize my income. I cleaned the house a lot and spent some time at the Nielsen's household. Hillary and Dad had a birthday. I got my braces on. November meant less runs outside and more time at the gym. I got sick for a little time in there but fully recovered and got back on my feet.

As school ended, Rachel, Dugan, and I breathed a sigh of relief. We all passed out classes and embraced the time off school with ease. We celebrated Dugan's 23rd birthday with sushi and bored games.I began my job at Harkins Theatres and Elyse came to visit. We spent time with our families to celebrate the holidays, but the amount of time spent was way too little. We scraped together some Christmas money for presents and just enjoyed each others company. The snow fell and fell and the temperature dropped to next to nothing.

Overall, 2012 was monumental for us. It contained us moving across the country again, beginning school, fighting through our bills, job hunting, and puzzle building.We watched Mad Men, Archer, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation and a ton more. We drank a lot of hot cocoa and ate lots of sushi. We braved the new world of Flagstaff. We discovered new restaurants and fought colds. 
2012 meant working together, living together, laughing together. We played a lot of phase ten and mario cart. We took a lot of road trips. 2012 meant getting one year older. 2012 brought chaos from a lot of people who thought the "world would end" on the 21st of December. 

2012 was great. 
2013 will be even better.

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