Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tea Time

What a great weekend! Friday night was kicked off with a fabulous and totally lame (by choice) movie night with our friends Emily and Seth Trader; complete with pizza and icecream sundaes with home made brownies. (teehee) I love the traders. You can never be in an ugly mood around them. And that is admirable.  This weekend I worked both Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't too bad. After work Saturday I met up with Mr. Eckstein and our friends the Scotts and the Moccos for a little mini golfing and dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We laughed all night and had a wonderful time. I feel like this week was just go go go. The army likes to do that to you. No time for rest. 

Today after work I did nothing besides sit on my couch and eat anything I want and watch Lost and play video games. Productive? No. Relaxing? Yes.
We're finishing off our weekend with a little tea time with pomegranate white tea, folding laundry together and getting ready for bed. I enjoy doing nothing in my own lame way. I'm going to make tea and sip it while I read a book and be perfectly happy with my evening. We like it that way. Isn't it the simple things that matter anyway?
I hope everyone had just as good of a weekend as us. 

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