Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Things About Home

It may not be news to any of you, but if you hadn't already home, i'm terribly sick for my home. Not literally, although at times it seems that way. This is my first time moving away from home, not to mention to the other side of the country thousands of miles away from all my friends, family, and everything else I left back home. So, without further ado, I shall present to you 10 things I miss about my home in Arizona. However: these things are in no particular order. I do not miss one thing more than the other, nor do I mean to imply any sort of ranking here. Also, there are hundreds of things about home I miss. This is only ten for now. I will post numbers 10 through 6 in this post and 5-1 in the next post. So here are five out of ten things from home I think of and miss.

10: Food, sweet food. I'm sure there are several if not more places here I can eat and enjoy all the from-scratch meals I can at home. That's not the point. Payson and Pine both are elbow to elbow with personally owned and ran restaurants that I grew up on. Through out my days I'll think about a slice of pepperoni pizza and breadsticks from Pizza Factory or a Turkey Pepeprjack Melt from Macky's Grill, my mouth waters and I say either to myself or to Dugan "mmm, could use some serious payson food right now". I went all four years of high school living off of places like Pizza Factory and Alfonso's. There will always be places like Taco Bell or Sonic anywhere I go, but I sure love the little hole-in-the-wall places like I had at home.

9: My job! er... old job. We all complain about it when we're there but we all miss it when we leave. I miss all my friends at Sawmill Theatres. Even you, Craig. I miss all the hell we raise in the back rooms doing whatever we want and getting away with it. I miss stealing candy and pretending it was damaged. I miss rubber band fights while stocking candy and all the free drinks, popcorn and candy I want! I wasted every spare second of my days here watching movies and hanging around in the office. The atmosphere was, yes, boring at times but chaotic the rest of the time. I'll take that chaos back any day. Sawmill Theaters gave me some good memories. I also just miss having a job in general! Maybe thats just unemployed me sounding bored and frustrated, but it's nice to get up and get ready for something. It's nice to come home and say I had a long day at work.

8: Green Valley Park. Sure, it's the only real place Payson has where we can be surrounded by beautiful willow trees and water and ducks and feel peaceful. Ok, so it might also be swarmed with stoners and children, but that's normal right? I really grew to love Green Valley park, especially in the last few years I was home. I went to green valley alone almost every day Senior year during lunch because 1) I didn't care to go to lunch with anyone and 2) I was searching for peace. We all took this place for granted growing up. We used it as a place to make out, or climb on buildings late at night. This was our place of mischief as much as it was our place of peace. I think everyone deserves a place like this to go back to.

7: The Arizona Sunshine and Sunsets. I can't explain to you how wonderful sunshine sounds after rainstorms everyday in New York. The warmth (or heat), the permanent tan, the sunlight in your eyes as the sun rises and as the sun sets. I also want to refer to photo for #8 for this too. You will never find a sunset more beautiful than those of Arizona. Each day, the sun set seems more and more beautiful. Because of home, I appreciate sunshine.

6: My family. By no means does this mean I miss you any more or less than anything else on this list. Like I said, the number it's given does not give it any sort of ranking of importance to me. This bunch is a crazy bunch. We're fun, loud, chaotic, at times irritating, frustrating, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my family. Each and every single member.

Numbers 1-5 will be with  my next post.
I hope all of you are having yourselves a beautiful summer.

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