Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 Things cont'd...

Well, I told you all I would continue my 10 things I Miss About Home list in my next post and I intend to do just that. If my previous post I have you numbers 10-6 in no particular order. In this post I will give you numbers 5-1. It's a lot of talking about things I love in my life from home so I didn't want to overwhelm with such a big post- so that is why I have split it in two! I will talk about some things more than others. I think about some things more than I think of others and some things need only a few words. Here's the rest of the list folks.
5: Don't laugh. Our nights at Denny's is serious business. When the rest of the town shuts down late at night our options are Wal Mart, Green Valley, or Denny's. And we seem to have more luck not getting kicked out of Denny's. There have been times when I have been to this fine dining establishment (har har) 4 out of 5 nights some weeks after work or after shows. Nothing beats $2 biscuits and gravy with hash browns. No sir. The staff know our faces and know what's coming the minute we step in the door. We push tables together and have our own scene from rent right there in Payson. (perhaps not that extreme) It's truly exciting. I've had crazy fun moment here surrounded by laughter and friends, I've had date nights here, and I have had good quality talks with some of my dearest of friends. (Rachel, Simon, and Holly are only naming a few). Denny's, despite your incredible lack of any sort of edible food, awful mannerism when it comes to hiring staff, and completely unsanitary bathrooms, I enjoy the memories I've made here.

4: "Girls Night". The obvious, cliche, been-done-too-many-times, who-really-cares-about whoopty-doo Girls Night. Girls Night has meant many great things to me in the last 5 and a half years of my life. It's meant sitting in hot tubs, playing truth or dare (seriously), apples to apples. movies, laughter, tears, midnight snacks, you name it. It was what symbolized all of us as friends. The "group" for lack of a better word has gained and lost many members since it's creation. But the three that have remained are Julia Legassie, Audrie Bott, and me. I miss the girls, even the ones who have fallen out of touch, out of friendship, the ones who went a different direction. When we all get together, it's as if no time has passed. 

Water Wheel
Fossil Creek "the waterfall"
3: Fossil Creek! I never realized growing up how awesome and convenient it is to have a beautiful valley with water running through it just a half hour away from me was. Fossil creek is beautiful and the water is warm enough 6 out of 12 months of the year. Oh, the adventures of Fossil, soaking in the sun, listening to the waterfalls, jumping off cliffs into water, tying rope swings to trees. It goes without saying that places like Water Wheel, East Verde, Roosevelt Lake, Flowing Springs, Knoll Lake, and i'm sure many more I am forgetting about have had their place in my past. Oh, what joys of days upon days sitting at a beautiful place like Fossil Creek.

2: My many many friends! This is, obviously, a pretty broad subject since it's hard to talk about each one of my dear friends in one simple paragraph. I could go on for days about what every single one of my friends means to me, but that still wouldn't bring them any closer to me. If I fail to post a picture of anyone or mention anyone, please, don't get offended. There are too many to name. I appreciate each and every friend of mine in their own way. I have kept only one or two from before High School, and the rest I either met within the 4 years or after them. Every time I see a group of friends sitting around a table at a restaurant or shopping together or just walking around town, having a good time, It brings tears to my eyes. You can ask Mr. Eckstein if you don't believe me. I miss you all so much. Don't ever think you're out of my mind.

Drum Roll Please....

1: You know this guy. He's the funniest and the most brilliant person I've ever met. This is Seth. He is my twin brother and living on the other side of the country than him is no easy task! If you knew us, you'd think I was kidding because when we're together, we bicker and beat each other up. But truth is, I couldn't live without him. I don't think saying I miss him would be saying enough.
When we were little we used to build these forts together. I don't even know where we got all that scrap wood. These forts were awesome! Every time I had a tough day at home, I used to go outside to our fort and imagine what it would just be like to live in the fort with Seth and no one else. Even though we're older and the idea of running away to a fort with Seth sounds a lot less realistic, it still sounds pretty cool. We would drive each other nuts and it would be great.
Love ya Buggy.

If you've made it this far, I should thank you for the amount you've read (or not read) and time you've looked into my posts so far. I'm grateful for the things I have and the people I have today and have grown up with.
Ta ta for now, everyone! 


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