Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where are all of you?

I have to say; I am a bit disappointed with how well my friends and family have been keeping up on their blogs, which is why I started this whole business to begin with. I enjoyed that I didn't have to log onto Facebook to see how the people I love are doing and what their day to day life looks like. I enjoyed that I could read about their thoughts and passion here on their blogs and feel like each picture and each word was put here for me to read. Sadly, no more updates have been given for at least 4 months from anyone in any direction and it saddens me and discourages me from updating my blog. I figure no one will be reading any of my posts since they've given up on their own. Still I push on. I don't like Facebook. It is not personal or where I can store any of my thoughts or passions. It is hardly somewhere I feel like the ones who love me should know my day to day life and know where my life is at. So, if I am slow with my posts, know it is not because I don't care about my blog... because I do. It is solely because I may or may not believe at the time that absolutely no one out there is actually paying attention anymore.

 This summer has been full of moving and job hunting. My days are spent babysitting a sweet almost three year old named Aven who is just the coolest three year old you could ever meet. Love him to pieces. Regretfully though, it has been my mission to find a job that can stabilize my schedule and give me a full time doing something besides picking up puke and wiping bottoms.Not that I don't love doing that or anything... I just figured there will be plenty of time to do all that later in my life when the kids are mine.

Other than the moving and the job searching and the babysitting on the side, how about I fill you in on what else has been going on with some photos and some subtitles. Are you still with me?

Not that anyone is really out there marking their calendars or anything, but our kitty, Ramona, had her 2nd birthday in the end of june. I just lit a candle, stuck it in some wet food, and almost burnt her whiskers off then called it good for the day. We love her a lot.

Next up is Independence Day weekend. I've been noticing that hardly anyone calls it "Independence Day" anymore, which is what it is. Though it is the "fourth day of July" calling it that is defacing it's definition. Therefore, every time I refer to Christmas to many of these people who say "4th of July", I will call it "The 25th of December" just to see if they get annoyed.
For the holiday, we went to Phoenix for the weekend where we got to spend some MUCH needed time with many people who we have missed! We spent the day swimming in the pool at Dugan's Mom's place and I got to catch up with my dear friend Jessika whom i have not gotten to see since the beginning of April when her baby was born. I know it is horrible. The valley is hot... we try not to go down there very often. One more person we got to see was my sister Hillary. I am SO excited that she has moved back to Arizona (finally!) and I can (try) to spend some more time with her. The trick is getting her up to flagstaff to see me every once and awhile. (this is a battle I may never win with my peeps). So here's photos:


Moving on.

Next up is Jessika's wedding and our Housewarming party.
Jessika, whom I have been close friends with for 7 years (holy moly!) got married a couple weeks ago and I had the unexpected pleasure of attending!  put on a pretty dress, drove to Mesa, and attended this little but beautiful Rustin wedding.

On top of all this, we have had a couple good nights where we go get milkshakes and nights where we invite people (now that we have the room to entertain them!) over to our house and laugh and share stories and have a good time. We had a small housewarming party that went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

To wrap it up, I will leave you all with a delightful photo I took of my husband sleeping at 4am the other morning. Under his pillow. What a goober.

Thank you, whoever out there still believes in blogs and took the time to read! Happy sunny days everyone!


Cheyenne said...

Still with you :) Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us!

Amantha said...

Some how.. I missed this post but, I still check often:( even Brookes... I will get back on my game, I promise. Love you and miss you like crazy!