Saturday, December 08, 2012

There hasn't been much new and exciting activity going on up here but there are a few new things I can talk about. The last few weeks have been filled with job hunting, classes, interviews, lots of hot cocoa and some baking with Rachel. Made pumpkin pie for thanksgiving and then Rachel made some amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last week. It's nice having a baking buddy.
So, here are a few new things going on. They're not a big deal but its just bits and pieces from my every day life.
1. Put up the Christmas Tree
You know the drill. Got george (that's its name) out of the box, and put it up. It looks festive in here. Dugan wishes it was real. La di da.

2. Got some job offers
In the last week I got two job offers- one at Olive Garden and one at Harkins Theatres. I think Olive Garden would've been the better choice in environment and working career, but they wouldn't work with me on my finals week and they seemed a little less flexible with hours so i chose Harkins. It's easy and It's something I know and it's a good simple job for the winter especially since the theatre is located directly behind my apartment complex so I can walk there and Dugan can take the car with him to work and school. If I hate it, i'll re-apply for the summer or look for something better. The spring time is better for job hunting anyway. If I like it at Harkins, i'll stay and make easy money for the next couple years. Nothing is permanent. After school, we'll be headed for Oregon anyway.

3. Finals week!
First semester for us is almost over! Im confident that the finals this week will go just fine for me. I have some essay work to do for ENG101 and then my PSY and Math final will be pie. I'm not worried. I think next semester I'll try out the nutrition class. Keep things interesting.

Last week two of my lovely sisters in law and their handsome guys came and stayed with us for a night. We didnt do much but we had some pizza and watched movies and played some bored games. These are three things we are really good at incidentally. I had planned on making vegetable lasagna buuut then my oven broke and that plan was blown.
All in all, things are going alright. I am really happy it hasn't snowed yet. I really don't like the cold. I like a cool breeze every once and awhile but I hate the feeling of being freezing. I like my limbs. I don't like not being able to feel them. I also like driving without ice on the roads. 

Dugan's 23rd birthday is next week and I'll be making him some german chocolate cake- his favorite. I don't know what Christmas will look like. I will be most likely working so who knows if we will have room to drive home. I hope it all works out.

Happy December all. I'll check back in next week!


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