Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Birthday Boy & Christmas Surprise

When it comes to the Christmas season, for the last few years I've been feeling rather scrooge-like. In my head, I would love for Christmas to mean everyone is nice to one another and doesn't care about buying things for other people and enjoys It's A Wonderful Life at home with a cup of cocoa. In my head, I don't care too much about rushing around and seeing everyone and playing Santa, I just like sleeping in and staying in my pj's and carrying a blanket around the house with me... maybe take a nap or overindulge in holiday candy. As much as I want to do these things, I know that seeing my family and friends for the holidays is what's important to them, and I love them dearly so I am going to do that rushing around thing I was talking about a minute ago. So to prove my commitment to the holidays, I will upload photos of my Christmas decorations.


...and that's it. I haven't accumulated very many decorations yet. 

In other news, last Saturday Dugan and I drove down to Phoenix Saturday morning to pick up his "grandpa" from the airport . When we got to the airport, the person we picked up was not his grandpa it was Elyse! My dear friend is so thoughtful- she surprised me with a visit from New York. I thought she wasn't visiting until next month and was only going to stay for 3 days. All lies. This month. A week and a half. I love my life. So, around my work schedule (sadly) I've been trying to keep up with showing Elyse the sites of Arizona and doing fun activities. So far, we've only taken her downtown a bit, made a quick trip to Sedona, and decorated some holiday cookies. 

There will definitely more on this later. More photos, more scenery, more fun. Stay tuned.

One more thing to touch on is Dugan's birthday. My handsome guy turned 23 last Thursday. We celebrated by eating some delicious sushi and a lot of it. Afterwards, we took a drive around the city to look at all the pretty holidays lights and decorations, some german chocolate cake I made, and then some hanging out at home with some close friends. We stayed up too late and woke up too early the next day. It was great. I think he had himself a good birthday.

 Finished the sushi boat. Well, 2 of them (12 rolls) between 4 of us.

Birthday boy.

Seth is coming to visit tonight so that will be fun. Im sad to be working tomorrow while Seth and Elyse will be here, but I won't complain about the hours.

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mom said...

great blog! you are so cute, I love you both