Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Dawn of a New Era

This week:

 Dugan started his job and he loves it! He comes home smelling like coffee beans and sweat. It's fantastic in it's own way.
Classes started at the college. We are all loving being in school, but we are not ready for the loads of schoolwork soon to be on our plates. I foresee tons of reading happening in my psychology class this semester. Good thing I have a job where I get a couple nap-breaks to catch up on my reading.

 Rachel got offered 3 different jobs in the mall and can't decide which one she wants most. What a lucky gal. Has it really already been almost a month since she got here?

I wanted to touch on the mojitos I made for friends a few weeks ago. What's great about mojitos is that there are several different ways you can make them. I used Club soda and lime juice with crushed raspberries and fresh mint leafs from our garden. Next time I think i'll do them with sprite instead and strain the raspberry juice and mint flavoring into the mojitos so there aren't floaties in them. Regardless, they were lovely.

For our "splurge day" (the one day a week we allow ourselves to eat wherever we want and order whatever we want) we chose Oregano's Pizza. If you have yet to have an Oregano's pizza in your life, you are seriously lacking a good experience. This pizza is the best! Just what I needed for a long week at work ;)
Here's a photo of my man and I on our way to the restaurant.

It's Labor Day weekend! I don't care about traveling on busy weekends so you bet this weekend will be a relaxed one doing whatever the heck we want.

Happy 3 day weekend.

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