Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Days-a-Comin

Went to a Yoga class this week, and i'm still sore. Yoga kicks my butt, but I loooove it.
Anyway, this week I've been a weird mixture of mad and sad and... complacent? I walked around the mall for a little bit by myself yesterday and stopped to look at a bulldog calendar (don't judge me) and I had no one to share my ecstasy with. So, that's the sad story of the day and i'm stickin to it. Point of the story is, I miss my friends and family an extra dose this week.
Fortunately I am leaving for good ol' Virgina Beach on Saturday evening to get some Family time in. We'll cook pies (no coconut in the pecan pie, Brooke, I promise!) and we'll go on runs and play scrabble. Basically exactly what I do here but we'll be doing it together.

Switching topics here for a second; remember when I said it was always freezing in New York and snow was surely about to bomb us with unceasing fury? Well, yesterday I woke up to blue skies, didn't wear a jacket outside and headed to bed with the heater off and a temperature of 79 degrees in my house! We opened up the windows  before bed and it felt like August again. It was fantastic. Here's my proof incase you think i'm bluffing.

Another thing that happened last night before bed had to do with our furry friend. We heard her meowing from the kitchen, and she only meows from another room when she's stuck somewhere. We looked around for her in all the cupboards and couldnt find where she was. Finally, Dugan looked down at the dishwasher and this is what he saw:

Yes, folks, that's Ramona UNDER THE DISHWASHER. Figure that one out.


Brooke said...

We are SO excited to have us some Hayley! Wahooooo!

Brooke said...

And, thank you- coconut should never be in any pie. Ever.

Amantha said...

I missed you am extra dose too!