Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'll Meet You In Virginia

Got home late last night from a vacation to Virginia. Although I was gone for two weeks, it felt two weeks too short. If i could move in next door tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough. I'm happy when I'm with my family and when I'm in the sunshine. For the last couple weeks, my days have been full of fun projects, shopping, baking, mario playing, talking, laughing, and staying up late with my youngest older sister Hillary to either watch Arrested Development or whatever movie we felt we were in the mood for.

"Chomp" pinata for our Super Mario themed Birthday party we threw for my niece, Emma.
Home made Pumpkin, Pecan and Apple pie I baked for thanksgiving dinner. 
My sisters had the chance to finally meet Dugan and I think he made the stamp of approval. Thanksgiving morning, Brooke and Hillary and I woke up to run a quick 5k before our long day of cooking and fun started. We had lots of people in one house, snacks all over the place and lots of food left over.
Mid day on Thursday, here I am, doing what I'm told, cooking up some green beans and in walks my TWIN BROTHER. That sly guy. Gone and surprised me like that. The day was great and I was quite happy after that. Here's the video in case you haven't seen it yet.

Sorry I'm not a prettier crier.

The day after thanksgiving we played football with some friends. That never ceases to be fun.

Of course, I dreaded the thought of coming back to the gloomy state of New York. Seriously, you should see outside right now, the sun must be on vacation (in Virginia, no doubt!) I wish my whole family could've been together, but those of us who were able to get together certainly made it work. I love my family with my whole heart and every second I spend with them I wish wouldn't pass so quickly. I'll be back at work tomorrow and it'll be like I never left. 
Here are my favorite pictures from our fun times!

There are a few pictures I am lacking from Christmas lights down at the Boardwalk and our lunch out at Witners our last day. (hint hint hillary)
Love you all, I'll let you know if i get buried in snow any time soon up here.

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